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It is impossible to overestimate the role of high-quality food additives and ingredients in the current conditions of the food industry, especially in the context of a unique combination of growing demand for semi-finished products and consumers' aspirations for environmentally friendly, healthy products.

We understand the importance of a reliable partner and supplier for the growth and development of a company operating in the food production sector.

Trade House Argol has been operating in the Russian market since 2001, effectively interacting in the field of wholesale deliveries with leading proven Russian and international manufacturing companies, at the same time, constantly developing its own production.

The main principles of Trade House Argol are:

  • Establishing an honest and transparent business
  • Exactingness for each employee of the company
  • Responsible attitude to the work
  • Individual approach to each client
  • Cooperation on mutually beneficial terms
  • A policy of "flexibility" when working with long-term partners
  • Compliance with delivery deadlines

Taking into account the trend of consumers’ growing demand for healthy and natural products, we pay special attention not only to high efficiency and quality, but also to the naturalness of our ingredients and food additives.

The company specializes in the sale of food additives:

  • freeze-dried and dried vegetables, berries and fruits;
  • berry, vegetable and fruit powders;
  • quark, yoghurt, cheese powders;
  • weight, industrial chocolate and chocolate confectionery;
  • dry vegetable cream and whey protein concentrates;
  • extrusion semi-finished products and many other products made exclusively from natural ingredients.

Also, in our product range there is a definite choice of artificial safe additives, among which special place is occupied by an intensive sugar substitute - neotame, used in the food industry.

We have already made agreements with many companies, small and large enterprises operating in the Russian market in the production of bakery, confectionery, dairy products, ice cream, cheeses, dietary, baby food, fast food and beverages. At the request of customers, technological support is provided, free samples are sent. Flexible pricing policy allows creating an optimal quality-price ratio, offering special conditions for regular customers.

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