«Argosweet is an intensive sweetener of the 21st century.

We present you a new product in the line of intensive sweeteners from the company Trade House ARGOL, Argosweet, with sweetness coefficient from 25 to 200.

This is a product of our company's own development, today it has practically no competitors in its characteristics.

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Created on the basis of fructose and Neotame it is ready to:
- completely replace sugar in industrial quantities;
- significantly increase the profitability of food manufacturers;
- and perhaps most important, to enable people to harmlessly consume the sweet.

Advantages of Argosweet Sweetener:

  • It decreases in consumption of fast carbohydrates;
  • It reduces the burden on metabolic processes in the body;
  • It minimizes the transformation of carbohydrates into fats;
  • It can be consumed be people with diabetes;
  • It is easy to be used in the production of refreshing, non-alcoholic beverages, jams, confitures, etc.


  • The line of these sweeteners has a wide range of sweetness coefficient - 25, 50, 60, 100, 200.
  • The main objective in creating Argosweet was to achieve a minimum content of synthetic substances in its composition. And we coped with it. The main component of the product is fructose. Therefore, we can say that our sweetener is created on a truly natural basis. This essentially distinguishes it from analogues, which, as a rule, consist of saccharin, asparat and cyclamate - completely synthetic products.
  • The total content of neotame, the most powerful synthetic sweetener, which is 10,000 times sweeter than natural sugar, does not exceed 0.5% in the composition, which is 100 times less than the daily pharmacological dose, that is, the maximum daily consumption of the component.
  • Argosweet is thermally stable.
  • The product is a homogeneous fine-grained powder with a particle size of 55/60/65 microns.
  • Mass fraction of moisture is 4-9%.
  • It is completely soluble in water at 20 °C, without sediment and impurities.

Potential Applications for Argosweet Sweetener:

First of all, this is the production of beverages: all kinds of instant drinks, jelly, 3 in 1 coffee. As a sweetener for complete or partial replacement of sugar in the production of soft drinks.

Thanks to its MAIN COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE compared to the existing products on the market, i.e. THERMAL STABILLITY up to 280С, Argosweet sweetener also becomes available for the use in the confectionery industry, in baking, the preparation of creams, decor, sprinkles, the production of extrusion products.

Possibilities to create a wide range of HLS products, in almost all product groups.

Practical Savings

Let's estimate how much you can save taking Argosweet 25 as an example.

One kilogram of natural sugar in the wholesale markets costs from 45 to 60 rubles per kilogram.
One kilogram of Argosweet 25 replaces 25 kg of natural sugar.
Nawadays, one kilogram of Argosweet 25 from the warehouse of Trade House ARGOL costs from 450 rubles per kg including VAT.
Direct savings are 675 rubles per kg.

It’s up to you to decide, but the advantage is obvious.

Shipment of intensive sweetener Argosweet is carried out in packages from 0.5 to 20 kg made of composite materials on the basis of foil.

Transport packaging is corrugated box.

To purchase the product or obtain detailed advice, fill in the application form in our website or call us.

We deliver to all regions of Russia from our warehouses in Moscow and Novosibirsk.

St. Petersburg Moscow Novosibirsk
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