Neotame (E961)

Intensive sweetener Neotame.
Sweetness coefficient: 7,000-13,000 in relation to sugar.


An intense sweetener and flavor enhancer is widely used in the food and beverage industry. It can also be used as a sweetener in food additives and pharmaceutical excipients.


61.jpgConforms to the USP / FCC production license from the CFDA (Chinese certification authority, which oversees the production of medicines, trade and registration), ISO 9001, ISO 22000 (HACCP).

Indonesia’s MUI (Council of the Ulema of Indonesia) recognized the additive halal, kosher.

Jinan Prosweet Biotechnology Co ,. Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and application of intensive sweeteners, is a member of Jinan Shuangda Chemical Co., Ltd.
Prosweet Biotechnology Co., Ltd is the main developer of the Chinese National Standard of Neotame and received a production license for Neotame and sweet mixtures in 2014 from China FDA. Prosweet Biotechnology has also received ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and MUI halal-kosher certificates (Indonesian Ulema Council) in 2015..

Prosweet Biotechnology is the main producer of intermediate 3,3 Dimethyl-butyraldehyde (3,3 -Dimethil Butyraldehyde) in China, which is crucial in the production of Neotame. The company Prosweet Biotechnology owns several local and American patents and already has a significant share of local and overseas markets. Investing more than 100 million yuan in development and production capacity in Qingdao, the company is Asia's largest manufacturing center for the production of intensive sweeteners and mixtures based on them.

Neotame – нis a new type of intense sweetener, which is 7,000 to 13,000 times sweeter than a similar amount of sugar in weight. Its chemical name is (3S) -3- (3,3-dimethylbutylamino) -4 - [[(2S) -1-methoxy-1-oxo-3-phenyl-propan-2-yl] amino] -4-oxobutanoic acid. Nowadays, it is the sweetest and safest sweetener. It has a fresh sweet taste, like sugar and is an ideal substitute for aspartame.

Product Features

High sweetness, low price.. It is about 7,000-13,000 times sweeter than sugar and the use of lesser amounts of sweetener reduces the price, giving the same taste.

Natural good taste. Neotame can favorably alter and enhance the taste and aroma of food and beverages.

Low calorie and healthy. Neotame is suitable for people (unlike aspartame), who suffer from phenylketonuria, does not cause tooth decay and does not change the blood sugar level.

High stability. Neotame has a high stability in dry powder and can be successfully applied in food with a low sugar content for a wide range of diets.


It can be used in bakery products, juices, carbonated drinks, dry instant drinks (beverage bases), dairy products, sweets, chewing gum, jelly, animal feed, condiments, ice cream, pharmaceuticals and other areas.

Jinan PROSWEET Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Basic documents on Neotame in the Chinese national standard:
  • License from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to produce Neotame;
  • Local and international patents for key ingredients of Neotame.

A complete production cycle from intermediate ingredients to Neotame.

2004 – the beginning of research of Neotame by the Chinese company.
2006 – the creation of Neotame.
2011 – a local patent for the key components of Neotame.
2012 – a new production center in Qingdao.
2013 – Neotame is registered in the Chinese national standard.
2014 – US patent for key ingredients of Neotame. A license was issued for the production of Neotame from the FDA (Administration for Products and Medicines)
2015 – EAC registration for Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan received; ISO 9001 for Neotame received; A Halal certificate from MUI (Indonesian Ulema Counsil) received
St. Petersburg Moscow Novosibirsk
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