Confectionery Glazes and Glazes for Ice Cream

Trade House Argol offers a wide range of confectionery glazes and glazes for ice cream.

We offer glazes of different compositions, from different manufacturers (Hungary, Russia, Belarus), different price range from the most democratic to the premium class. In the range of glazes there are the following ones: yoghurt, white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, colored glazes, colored flavored with natural fruit juices.

Colors according to your desire
The most fantastic colors are possible - black, green, purple, cyclamen. There are products without sugar enriched with milk protein - for energy bars.

Кондитерская глазурь для торта

It is possible to produce confectionery glazes in accordance with client's terms of reference. We hope, our products will help you create interesting, sold novelties and improve the constant range of products.

You can buy wholesale confectionery glaze by filling in the application form on the site or by phone. We will be pleased to choose the option that fully meets the requirements of your production.

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