Dry Vegetable Creamers and Dry Vegetable Fats

Dry vegetable fats are in great demand in the food industry. Stably high level of quality of the delivered products meets the highest requirements of our customers. Technological experience and market knowledge allow us to offer the best mixes, in accordance with any wishes and ideas.

Trade House Argol offers wholesale buyers high-quality dry vegetable creamer. In addition to its lower cost, our products, in comparison with natural milk cream, have a number of additional advantages, for example: long shelf life, the ability to mix with any additives.

Depending on the requirements of production, and also taking into account the increased consumers’ demand for food products with a low content of animal fat, we are ready to offer dry vegetable creamers with fat content from 29 to 80%. A partial or complete replacement of milk fat in the final product, the selection of the composition and functional properties for certain technologies and requests are possible.


  • Vegetable fat (palm, coconut, sunflower);
  • Glucose / lactose / maltodextrin;
  • Milk protein;;
  • Stabilizer / emulsifier / anti-cure / coloring.

There are products without E-additives (clean label).


  • Production of 3 in 1 coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate.

    Dry creamers for the production of beverages is distinguished by the absence of foreign taste, good foaming, specific creamy taste.

  • Manufacture of instant products: cereals, soups, sauces, purees
  • Production of dry confectionery and bakery mixtures

    High oxidative stability and resistance to high temperature and humidity during baking determine the longer shelf life of the final product.

  • Production of dry mixes for ice cream, creams, glazes.

    Vegetable fats based on palm oil are much cheaper than natural milk cream, which saves on the cost of raw materials while maintaining attractive external properties. Addition to pastry cream and fillings allows to achieve a more light stable structure, thanks to the ability of dry vegetable creamers to stabilize air bubbles during whipping.

    Replacing milk fat with vegetable fats not only reduces costs, but also makes the ice cream texture lighter and airier, allowing a softer taste, balancing the content of mono- and poly-saturated fats and calories.

  • Production of dietary products (based on sunflower oil).

    Vegetable fats are an ideal source of energy and nutrients in foods that do not contain cow's milk for consumers who are allergic to milk protein. Fats based on sunflower oil are distinguished by a high level of unsaturated fatty acids.

Quality indicators:

The substitute of dry creamers has an excellent whitening ability and excellent flowability and miscibility. The final product will have a rich creamy taste.Among other characteristics:

  • Good solubility;
  • Low free fat content;
  • Stable emulsion.

The range includes dry vegetable creamer, made under a special recipe, which can be used in hard water. Also, meeting the needs of our customers, we offer to buy dry creamers and vegetable fats easily soluble in cold water.

Shipment of dry vegetable creamers and fats is carried out from 1 package (package size is 25 kg

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