Emulsifier-Stabilizer Combimec

Stabilization System COMBIMEC

Trade name of the product is stabilization system for food industry Combimec SC 22.

This is a complex food additive, developed by Meggle, Germany, designed to ensure a stable consistency and structure of food, improve its appearance, increase shelf life, and increase the yield of the end product.

Ingredients: whey product, lactose, phosphates.

Product specifications: : available in the form of powder.

Possible applications
СCombimec is a ready-to-use product, without the addition of cocoa, consisting of carefully processed dry whey protein and can be used for the production of:

  • Delicacies; (salad dressings, salad sauses, mayonnaise and culinary products),
  • Processed cheese; Combimec allows to reduce the content of fat, eggs, dairy products in mayonnaise.
  • Culinary, spicy and sweet spreads, for example: peanut spread, caviar spread, etc .;
  • Meat and fish semi-finished products: Combimec allows to replace about 15% of meat used in meat semi-finished products. It has proved to improve the work of carrageenans. It is possible to use Combimec in GOST raw materials.
    Boiled sausages: allows to get a smooth, uniform structure, filling the shell, prevents leakage.
  • Thermostable fat fillings: the filling is thick, homogeneous, can be placed in the product and baked.
  • Muesli bars;
  • Ice cream;
  • Muffins, cookies: it is possible to replace part of fat, eggs, salt, lecithin with Сombimeс in the recipe of biscuit.


  1. The product is an excellent emulsifier
  2. When the mixture with Combimec is heated, the protein coagulates uniformly. A smooth homogeneous structure is obtained.
  3. It allows to receive thermostable products, for example thermostable fat fillings.
  4. It allows to increase the shelf life of products based on coconut oil. Slows down the oxidation of the products.
  5. It allows to lower the maintenance of fat and eggs at manufacturing of fillings, mayonnaises, sauces.
  6. It enriches the products with protein (protein content in Combimec is 22-24%)
  7. It is an excellent "glue" for muesli bars.
  8. The product has a natural basis. It does not "enrich" your label with a set of chemical elements.
  9. It helps reduce the cost of the end product by reducing the fat and eggs and also, by reducing the content of spices in meat products. Combimec reduces the possibility of oxidation, spoilage, and as a result the possibility of unpleasant odors that need to be masked.


The product is not a genetically modified organism (GMO). It does not contain GMOs or consist of GMOs. It is not made from GMOs and does not contain ingredients made from GMOs.

Standard packaging: мmulti-layer paper bag with inner polyethylene bag, 25 kg net.

Shelf life and storage: СShelf life is 18 months from the date of manufacture in the original packaging.

Storage conditions: store in the original unopened package at room temperature, in a dry place.

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