Extrusion Semi-Finished Products

Trade House Argol produces and delivers on the market a wide range of extrusion semi-finished products for various fields of the food industry. Extrusion technology, in which the product is processed under high pressure, allows to preserve the nutritional value of the processed raw materials and to obtain unique "crispy" products with a special pleasant taste and aroma. Water content in such products does not exceed 10%.

We are ready to offer a wide range of products, which contain exclusively natural ingredients: rice, corn, buckwheat, oatmeal, sugar, salt, cocoa powder, food colorings.

Our product range includes:
  • Puffed rice (balls, grains, flakes, grinding);
  • Puffed corn (pellets, grains, flakes, grinding);
  • Puffed buckwheat (balls, grains, flakes, grinding); puffed oatmeal (grinding);
  • Puffed wheat (grinding).

Application of Puffed Rice and Corn:

  • As a raw material for glazing in the production of pellets;
  • production of cereal bars, breakfast cereals, muesli;
  • Decoration of cookies, cakes, pastries, sweets, ice cream;
  • Replacement of expensive nut raw materials in fondant, praline, cream, fondant and fruit fillings;
    Can be used as a moisture or fat-containing component. Confectionery products with a filling that contains puffed rice or corn are especially popular among consumers.
  • as an ingredient for baking mixes.
    Corn balls are often added to cereal bread.

Extrusion-type Grinding of Cereals (EGC) is added to confectionery and baking mixes to improve the structure, increase the viscosity, prevent the liquid phase from escaping. Extrusion flour is used not only in bakery, but also in meat processing industry, as well as in the production of sauces.
Puffed Rice
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Puffed Wheat
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