Puffed Rice

Puffed rice is a ready-made product, prepared according to a special technology, in which the grain increases in volume several times. This happens under the influence of excessive pressure. Long and medium white grains of glassy varieties are used for the preparation of puffed rice, which are pre-treated with steam.

Puffed rice can be covered with glaze to give it a more intense taste. This processing of the product allows to store most of the vitamins and nutrients in it.

Our own production of extruded crispy products allows us to offer products of high quality, completely satisfying the buyer's specifications. You can buy puffed rice in the form of flakes, balls of various diameters, flakes or powder, as an ingredient.

Healthful Properties of Puffed Rice

It does not contain gluten, so it can be used for dietary nutrition, it is great for people who keep fit. It is easily absorbed by the organism due to low dietary fiber content. It removes excess moisture from the body, which helps to reduce blood pressure. It helps to strengthen of the nervous system.

Nutrient content:

  • Starch and slow carbohydrates;
  • Minerals: calcium, iron, zinc, potassium;
  • Lecithin;
  • Amino acids: oleic, stearic, palmic;
  • Vitamins of group B and PP;
  • Water content does not exceed 10%.


It can be used as a basis for the production of various types of snacks, often as an easy and healthful delicacy for children.
  • Confectionery;
  • An independent meal;
  • Dietary, healthy food;
  • Dessert;
  • Breakfast cereals and cereal bars;
  • Dairy industry.
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