Foamers for Cappuccino

Trade house Argol offers cream powder on a vegetable basis for coffee, characterized by increased foaming, manufactured using a special technology. The emulsion, based on milk raw materials and vegetable fat, is spray-dried in the same manner as in the manufacture of dried cow's milk. Coconut oil, as vegetable fat, gives the product the necessary flavor and quality, its content in the formulation is calculated based on the requirements of the fat content in the final product. When adding the finished mixture to the drink, a stable cap of attractive foam is formed on its surface.

Cream powder for coffee is an ideal ingredient in the production of dry mixtures for the preparation of hot chocolate, cappuccino, 3 in 1 coffee.

The composition of foaming agents for cappuccino includes:

  • Coconut oil;
  • Milk protein;
  • Milk powder (low-fat);
  • Glucose;
  • Stabilizers.

Features and Benefits of Cream Powder for Coffee

  • Excellent taste;
  • Good wettability;
  • Large volume and stability of the formed foam;
  • Low bulk density;
  • Low hygroscopicity.

Our product is not inferior in terms of its taste qualities to a natural product. In this case, in comparison with ordinary cream:

  • Vegetable cream contains less fat;
  • It is perfectly dispersed and never coagulate;
  • It can be easily mixed with any additives;
  • It has a long shelf life;
  • Foam in cappuccino and coffee is more stable when using it;
  • Its cost is much lower than the cost of natural milk cream.

The shipment of dry cream for coffee (foaming) is carried out from 1 package (package size is 10 kg).

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