Freeze-Dried and Dried Fruits, Berries, Vegetables

We offer wholesale freeze-dried and dried vegetables, fruits and berries. We supply the most demanded products of high quality from the best manufacturers. Regardless of what ingredient you need, we will ensure its delivery to any city in Russia within the agreed time.

Dried Vegetables, Fruits and Berries

We are ready to fully meet the needs of your production in dried vegetables and fruits. Complex wholesale deliveries from a single partner are reliable, convenient and economically justified. We constantly provide many types of high-quality dehydrated products, presented in the form of powders, granules, flakes and slices.


  • Dried vegetables: :carrots, white cabbage and cauliflower, celery, garlic, leek, sweet pepper, tomatoes, beets, onions, potatoes, mushrooms and much more;
  • Dried fruits: apple, pear, peach, apricot, melon, mango;
  • Dried berries: grapes, black and red currants, blueberries, cranberries, cherries, raspberries, gooseberries.

If you did not find the required ingredient in the list of our most popular dried products, please contact us for complete information. Trade House Argol will provide B2B delivery of almost any vegetables, in the form necessary for your production, if the method of dehydration is applicable to them. It is possible to form a mixture of dried vegetables under individual requests.


This product is successfully used to enrich the final product with vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, so necessary to make the food more healthy and useful.
And also to add flavor and new improved flavors:
  • Bakery products
  • Confectionery baking;
  • Baby and dietary nutrition;
  • Beverages;
  • Chocolate and sweets, ice cream;
  • Instant breakfast cereals;
  • Milk and protein cocktails;
  • Instant products.
Rich in flavor and full of natural flavor, fruit and berry powders are ideal for use in yoghurt, ice cream and confectionery.

Vacuum Drying

The advantages of using fresh, ripe fruits and berries is to preserve the entire value of the natural product without using preservatives, artificial flavor additives and dyes.

An excellent technologically advanced method of vacuum drying allows preserving all useful substances and vitamins sensitive to heating or freezing, as it does not have the temperature effect. Rapid evaporation of water caused by vacuum occurs at an optimum temperature of 22-40 °C, so that the color, aroma, taste and nutritional value of fresh vegetables and fruits remain almost unchanged. In addition, the fibers are completely retained, so that after the restoration of products subject to vacuum drying with water, the original texture of fresh vegetables and fruits is achieved.

We offer more than ten items of high-quality, natural and useful products obtained by vacuum drying: powders, granules and pieces of fruit for adding to tea, chocolate, confectionery and mixtures, dairy products, breakfast cereals and much more.

It is possible to supply a certain range of exotic varieties, under certain production requirements. The price of dried vegetables and fruits obtained by vacuum is lower than that of sublimated ones.

Freeze-Dry of Fruits and Berries

Freeze-dry is the process of drying food products in the state of deep freezing. Fruits, berries, vegetables that have been vacuum freeze-dried, save up to 95% of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, microelements, enzymes and other biologically active substances and have a natural taste, color and aroma of the raw material.

Freeze-dried fruits and berries are distinguished by excellent microbiological indices and high nutritional value. The obvious advantage is the convenience of storage, transportation and use in production: 1 kg of freeze-dried berries, vegetables or fruits corresponds to 7-9 kg of natural. The shelf life in the original packaging is, on average, 18 months. Produced without artificial colors, preservatives and GMOs, contain a low percentage of moisture (<5%).
A wide range of freeze-dried products (more than 20 items of berries and fruits) and various sizes are available (from whole fruits, pieces, lobules to granules and powder).

Vortex Drying

Fruit and berry powder obtained by the method of vortex drying is an excellent solution to add a portion of fresh fruit to any product. Vortex drying makes it possible to obtain a quality powder of the required fractional composition with a moisture content of less than 10%, without subjecting the raw materials to preliminary grinding, processing, drying.

Thanks to the instant evaporation of water with simultaneous grinding of the starting product, the vegetable and fruit powders obtained maximally retain the original micro-structure, the benefit of the raw materials, the aromatic and flavor components.

We offer fruit, berry and vegetable powders obtained using various technologies: vacuum, vacuum-freeze-dry, vortex, spray, air drying. A wide range allows you to choose the ingredients that best meet the requirements of any production, incl. thermostable, soluble and flexibly mixed. Natural fruit products guarantee a great taste, a long shelf life, the benefits and aroma of the original product, the minimum water content and the absence of preservatives. It is possible to supply both mono powders and mixtures of the required composition.

Convective-Disintegrating Drying

In this innovative method of production, the drying temperature does not exceed 40-45 ° C, and the time for removal of moisture is 2-5 minutes. The particle size in fruit, berry and vegetable powders is 50-100 μm. The products, dried in this way, retain the taste, color and smell, as well as all the useful properties of the raw material.

Dried Vegetables
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Freeze-Dried Fruit
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Freeze-Dried Berries
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