Dried berries

Dried Grapes

Large raisins made from light grape with seeds, small dark grape with and without seeds, light Sultana grape. High content of healthy substances: minerals (calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron), vitamins PP, B1, B2.

Dried Raspberries

Aromatic juicy and bright raspberries in the form of whole berries or pieces, with a high content of vitamins, organic acids, iodine and potassium salts.

Dried Currants

A famous source of vitamin C, a multivitamin product containing pectin, flavonoids, organic acids, essential oils and minerals.

Dried Bilberries

Contain citric and malic organic acids, pectin, iron and vitamins A, E, C. Rich in antioxidants, dried bilberries will be an excellent additive for a variety of delicious products, including bakery, confectionery, dry mixes, ready-to-eat breakfasts.

Dried Strawberries

A surprisingly fragrant berry, wild and cultivated, carefully selected with a natural sweet taste, without the addition of sugar. It will enrich taste and aroma, and bright color will diversify the appearance and increase the attractiveness of any food product.

Dried Cranberries

A treasure of vitamins and micro-elements. High content of vitamin C. Berry is an antioxidant, its therapeutic properties are highly valued. During drying process it retains a rich natural color, a specific cranberry taste and valuable properties.

Dried Cherries

Whole berries without stones, contain glucose, fructose, folic acid, iron, potassium, magnesium. The perfect combination of sweetness and tart taste with light acidity and attractive cherry color will be an excellent addition to bakery and confectionery products, various dry mixtures and other food products.

Сушеные ягоды в ассортименте

Advantages of Dried Berries

  • An excellent choice for manufacturers who focus on the use of natural, healthy ingredients, without preservatives, artificial additives and sweeteners. The final product containing natural berries is the choice of a consumer who cares about his health.

  • Ideal snacks for children and additives for children's products. Delicious, sweet, without artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives. They are source of vitamins and micro-elements. A convenient, pleasant and healthy snack, an excellent alternative to sweets.

  • Ultimate ingredients for confectionery production, bakery and companies specializing in the production of dry mixes, breakfasts, children's and healthy meals.

  • They are easy to use and have long shelf life.

Dried berries are produced by vacuum drying, which ensures their long-term preservation. Berries are processed at a temperature of no more than 40 °C, which allows to retain all vitamins and nutrients in them. The berries are not treated with special solutions, their long shelf life is provided by innovative drying technologies without the use of chemical reagents. Dehydrated acidic berries are neutralized with sugar and lubricated with vegetable oils to prevent them from sticking together.

Berries are picked in a period of full ripening, so they have a rich taste and characteristic color. The product does not contain sepals or peduncles, it is carefully sorted, has no defects and foreign impurities.

Application of Dried Berries:

  • Confectionery and bakery production

  • Production of beverages

  • Ingredient in dry food mixtures for various purposes

  • Snacks and ready-to-eat meals

We carefully select and monitor our suppliers (producers of berries) to ensure that they meet all the high requirements for quality and safety.

Shipment of dried berries (vortex drying) is carried out from 1 package (package size is 5 and 10 kg)..

Prices and product range on request. Contact us, for the organization of an optimal scheme of cooperation and receiving more information by phone or by filling in the form on the website:

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