Dried Vegetables

Dried Tomatoes

Made from selected fresh tomatoes, neatly cut into smooth pieces of the required size by a machine. The moisture content and features of the final product determine the drying method and the characteristics of the cutting: segments, cubes, slices, powder.

Dried Carrot

Reddish-orange color with a specific rich taste. It has high content of vitamins and nutrients. Supplied in the form of powder, strips, cubes, granules and in another slicing. An irreplaceable ingredient of almost any dish.

Dried Potatoes

It is widely used in the food industry. Pieces of any size and shape are available, as well as potato powder.

Dried Onions

It has a specific strong aroma and distinct taste. The most popular ingredient in food production. Can be used as a vegetable component, and as an additive to give a special flavor. Any form: from rings and slices to granular and finely grinded powder. White, red and yellow onions with maximum moisture content of 6-8%.

Dried Greenery

Racy aromatic leaves of dill, parsley, spinach or celery of saturated green or dark green color are notable for fresh and original taste.

This is just a short list of dried vegetables sold by TD Argol throughout Russia. Deliveries of exceptionally wholesome products from reliable, proven suppliers, providing a high level of quality and constant technological control in the production.

Сушеные овощи в ассортименте

Buy Dried Vegetables Wholesale:

  • of the required cutting in shape and size: pieces, slices, cubes, plates, granules, flakes, powder, etc .;

  • in the form of a mono-product or a vegetable mix according to the purchaser's formula;

  • of specified moisture range (from 8 to 20%);

  • for specific production purposes.

Modern sophisticated equipment for drying allows to obtain the end product, maximally preserving the taste and aroma of the raw material, as well as healthy substances and vitamins. Features of the final product are determined by production technology and drying method.;

The method of drying is selected depending on the type of vegetables and their purpose, more often the convective method is used, conductive, vacuum and vortex drying. TD Argol carries out wholesale deliveries of dried vegetables of the most various methods of drying, among which:

Freeze-dried Vegetables: ice in a frozen fresh product, under vacuum and without defrosting, is sublimated in water vapor. During the freeze-drying process, the cell structure remains intact. Dried vegetables during sublimation retain the color, shape, taste and nutritional value of fresh ones

Vegetables of atmospheric and vacuum drying: : with atmospheric drum drying, the grinded raw material is dried at relatively low temperatures of the flue gases, by means of two rotating drums, obtaining at the outlet a powdery or strongly grinded product that retains most of the original flavor, taste, color and nutritional value. The advantage of vacuum drying, in which rapid evaporation of water occurs under vacuum conditions, is the excellent preservation of nutrients which are sensitive to a significant decrease and increase in temperature. The form and identity of vegetables are not preserved, but the price of dried vegetables is much lower than that of freeze-dried ones.

The vortex method of dehydration allows to avoid losses of healthy microelements, vitamins and to preserve flavoring components of fresh vegetables due to rapid evaporation of water without preliminary grinding, spinning or predrying. The final powder is perfectly suitable for further granulation and extrusion.

The technological process of drying takes place in several stages, including sorting, washing, cleaning. Before drying, vegetables are cut into cubes, plates or shavings. Potatoes after slicing are washed in order to remove starch from it. Vegetables are parboiled in order to exclude the possibility of their oxidation and give a rich flavor. Parboiling is not exposed to white roots, onions, garlic or greenery.

Advantages of Using Dried Vegetables

Dried vegetables are valued for good taste, preservation of healthy components, lightness and economical efficiency of application, absence of foreign additives and infusions, long shelf life, saving on transportation. The demand for vegetable-containing, healthy products and the possibility of consumption of seasonal vegetables all year round will be an additional advantage of the final product for the consumer.

The increase in vegetable consumption and the trend of increasing demand for healthy products determine the demand for dried vegetables on the market. This is especially true among the urban population, whose access to fresh vegetables and fruit is limited. Manufacturers have an opportunity to add a healthy and economical ingredient to various products, making them attractive and organic to the consumer, as far as possible. Сушеные овощи

The technological features of drying and dehydration of vegetables are constantly being improved, aimed not only at improving the processing efficiency, but also maximizing the preservation of the initial composition of fresh raw materials.

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