Freeze-Dried Berries

Freeze-drying of berries occurs according to the same technology as fruit. Unlike canning, this method makes it possible to preserve all the valuable qualities of the product and its appearance. The product, subject to freeze-drying allows to eat berries all year round, saturating the body with vitamins, mineral complexes and other useful substances. Freeze-dried berries are irreplaceable during long trips. Suitable for nutrition of children and people prone to allergies.

Wholesale deliveries of freeze-dried berries for food producers and industry professionals: whole, pieces, slices, in powder.

Сублимированные фрукты

Freeze-dried raspberry is recommended for adults and children as a means to saturate the body with organic acids, iron, iodine. The berry has anti-inflammatory properties, due to the maintenance of a large amount of fiber is valuable for dietary nutrition.

Freeze-dried strawberry is suitable for nutrition of people trying to keep fit, it saturates body with zinc and iodine in the body, and salicylic acid, which is present in the product, promotes the restoration of joints. The complex of vitamins contained in berries will serve to preserve female beauty and restore male power.

Freeze-dried cherry contains bioflavonoids and many rare vitamins and minerals, one of which is vitamin B17, which is a powerful antioxidant. The berry has a positive effect on the nervous and cardiovascular systems and will help restore strength in heavy physical exertion.

Freeze-dried black and red currant is the record for the number of nutrients, including essential oils, phytoncides, magnesium, silver and ascorbic acid. Berry has an anti-inflammatory and restorative effect on the body, helps the work of the heart, cleanses the vessels.


  • Instant cereals;

  • Instant drinks (kissels, fruit drinks, fruit compotes);

  • Production of tea with fruit and berry pieces;

  • Confectionery and bakery production;

  • Production of muesli, cereal bars;

  • Biologically active additives, dietary and baby food.

Shipment of freeze-dried berries is carried out from 1 package (package size is 10 kg).

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