Freeze-Dried Fruit

Without artificial colorings, flavorings, preservatives.

Freeze-drying is a process of drying, allowing to keep all useful substances in fruit. The process is performed in three stages:

  1. Freezing in vacuum conditions
  2. Release of the product from ice without exposure to temperatures
  3. Vacuum drying

Сублимированные овощи в ассортименте

Freeze-dried fruits have a porous structure and quickly absorb moisture, so if they are placed in water their taste and chemical composition completely corresponds to a fresh, unprocessed product. It is absolutely natural, environmentally friendly product. Colorings and chemicals are not involved in the process.


  • Maximum preservation of the appearance and form of the product
    Freeze-dried products retain the original appearance and texture, returning to its original shape upon hydration, e.g., by adding water.

  • Preservation of almost all flavoring qualities and aroma
    Freeze-dry removes water only. Fresh taste, flavor, vitamins and nutrients remain.

  • Economical storage and convenient use
    To buy freeze-dried fruit for production means to save on storage and transportation, thanks to a loss on drying up to 90% of the original weight.

  • Long shelf life
    Freeze-dried products can be stored for a long time: up to several years at room temperature without cooling.


  • For the production of confectionery products, including chocolate, sweets;

  • For the production of packaged fruit tea;

  • As an additive to yoghurts, and other dairy products;

  • For the production of kissels, mixtures for puddings, preparation of muesli;

  • For the production of ice cream;

  • For babies’ and dietary nutrition.

Shipment of freeze-dried fruit is carried out from 1 package (package size is 10 kg).

TRADE HOUSE ARGOL offers market more than 20 items of freeze-dried berries and fruits in various forms (from whole fruits, pieces, lobules to granules and powder) on the B2B. To get the price list and additional information on the range and options for delivery in Russia, please contact us by phone or by filling in the form on the website:

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