Vegetable and Fruit Powders

Trade House Argol offers Russian producers of food products natural vegetable and fruit powders, produced by the method of convective-disintegration drying.

During the production under this innovative method, the drying temperature does not exceed 40-45 °C, and the time for removal of moisture is 2-5 minutes. The particle size in the powders is 50-100 μm. The products, dried in this way, retain the taste, color and smell, as well as all the useful properties of the raw material.

These powders are promising raw materials for the creation of new generation food products.

They are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, micro and macro elements, bioflavonoids and plant fibers.

The use of vegetable and fruit powders in the production of foodstuffs will allow to expand the assortment many times, enrich food with vitamins, and solve the problem of deficiency of useful substances.

Фруктовый порошок и овощной в ТД Аргол

Developers created an extensive recipe for bread, pastries, confectionery, spreads enriched with fruit and vegetable powders. We offer vegetable and fruit powders to replace expensive freeze-dried products.

With the help of our powders, it is possible to produce dietary supplements, sports nutrition and weight control products.

Buy Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Powders

We provide consultations on recipes and technological features of the introduction of ingredients in production. Contact us to start working together and we will find the best solutions for any products and recipes.

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