Granulated Honey

Granulated or so-called "dry" honey is an innovative product on the Russian market. A unique technology allows to preserve all healthy properties of honey in a convenient and cost-effective solid form. The product is 100% natural and useful.

In the conditions of increasing popularity of healthy food and the constant growth of demand for natural and environmentally friendly goods, the use of granulated honey as a food additive will significantly increase the competitiveness of the end product on the market. And taking into account the novelty and uniqueness of the granulated form, you can offer end-users a fundamentally new product based on the strategy of genuineness, naturalness and environmental friendliness.

When used as an ingredient in food production, the simplicity and convenience of storage, dosage and transportation are the undoubted advantages of the granulated dry form, unlike the viscous crystallizable form of honey.

An analogue of granulated honey can be considered honey powder obtained by the so-called drying method, but the latter is more expensive and contains fructose and maltodextrin in its composition to prevent from sticking and retain the powder state. Absolutely natural granulated honey does not contain any chemical additives, they completely preserve all healthy properties, taste and aroma of natural honey. The technology of making honey powder involves exposure to high temperatures, which adversely affects the beneficial properties of honey, while the granulation method retains all the benefits of viscous honey.

Application of Granulated Honey

The ideal solution for dry instant products, such as breakfasts, cereals, poridges with additives, in the production of which, artificial flavorings are currently used.

The application of granulated honey is not limited to their use in dry products. Thanks to the fine-grained structure, it is perfect as an ingredient for dairy products, additives for confectionery products, teas and a variety of beverages. It will be interesting as a flavoring to certain dishes and as a natural substitute for sugar for restaurants and fast food chains.

Granulated honey is an innovative, completely Russian design that has no analogues in the world. Many large foreign manufacturers of the food industry highly appreciated the possible prospects of introducing it into their production, evaluating the genuineness and environmental friendliness of the product as a significant competitive advantage.

Ingredients: natural honey, glucose. The range includes granules made from flower, buckwheat and other varieties of honey.
It does not contain GMOs, artificial additives, flavorings or colorings.

Containers: plastic tank 20 kg, carton 22 kg, individual packing 300-350g.

Shipment of granulated honey is carried out from 1 package (package size is 22 kg).

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