Industrial Chocolate

Trade House Argol offers industrial chocolate and confectionery decorations from chocolate for food industries, bakeries and confectioneries. Remarkably delicious real chocolate: dark, milk and white, with a different content of cocoa, milk, different fat content. It contains only natural cocoa butter. It is possible to produce chocolate according to your specifications, in accordance with customer requirements.

You can use industrial chocolate for food production in different ways: as a component of muesli and cereal bars, additions to the body of ice cream and desserts, quark and glazed quarks, additives to baked goods, as confectionery.

Shipment of industrial chocolate is carried out from 1 package (package size is 25 kg).

Confectionery Decorations from Chocolate

The range includes chocolate drops, chocolate chips and other products of various composition, size and color; thermostable products for baked goods, glazes and confectionery coatings of various compositions, including a creamy structure.
There are confectionary chocolate chips from soft milk chocolate or dark chocolate, with a thin, bitter-sweet taste; drops from white sweet chocolate or milk chocolate with vanilla flavor; chocolate decorations of premium quality with a harmonious balanced taste and delicate coffee aroma, or an excellent bitter chocolate with a distinct long aftertaste. We offer a wide variety of tastes and forms for those who are looking for something new, and classic opportunities for traditional recipes.

In this regard, we would like emphasize the products of AltinMarka  (Turkey), one of the largest factories in Europe for processing products from cocoa beans: cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, and the production of industrial chocolate.

The main advantage of AltinMarka products is high quality. It can make a worthy competition to leading producers, including the Belgian chocolate producers. Another advantage is the cost, it is lower than that of the competitors!

Nowadays, Trade House Argol is the only distributor of this high-quality chocolate in Russia.

If you are interested in buying confectionery decorations, industrial chocolate for production, we are always ready to provide all the necessary information and discuss the optimal and mutually beneficial terms of wholesale supply.
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Confectionery Decorations
Шоколадный декор
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Chocolate Drops
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Chocolate Chips
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Chocolate Pieces
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