Chocolate Chips

We offer chocolate chips of various shapes, sizes, but invariably excellent taste and excellent appearance. The range includes chocolate chips from vegetable and milk fats, natural cocoa; with a matte and glossy surface.

Sprinkling of irregularly shaped chocolate of varying sizes will add a touch of naturalness and health, creating an image of the manual work of bakers and confectioners. Perfectly suitable as a filler and decor for ice cream, desserts and cereal products.

The chocolate sprinkling decor gives the confectionery an interesting appetizing appearance, adds a pleasant texture, a light chocolate aftertaste.

Color and flavor reveal more opportunities for the realization of creative ideas. There are chips of colored chocolate, covered with colored glaze and flavored.

Among the premium quality products there are 100% natural chocolate grits with a wonderful rich taste, notes of pleasant bitterness and intense aroma of cocoa.и приятной горечи и интенсивным ароматом какао.

Chocolate chips:

  • Rich dark chocolate with a high content of cocoa: deep aroma and bright chocolate accent, not suppressing the basic taste of the product.

  • Dark chocolate: universal bitter-sweet balanced taste and mild flavor for any confectionery product.

  • Milk chocolate: rich chocolate flavor and European classic taste with fresh cream and milk notes.

  • White chocolate: sweet with soft creamy aftertaste.

Shipment of chocolate chips is carried out from 1 package (package size is 20 kg).

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