Chocolate Pieces

The company Trade House Argol is pleased to offer its partners such a wonderful product, like chocolate pieces produced by the Turkish company AltinMarka.

It represents crushed chocolate, white or dark, irregularly shaped, covered with a thin layer of transparent glaze.

What is the attractiveness of this ingredient?

Chocolate pieces are a relatively new product, gaining popularity among manufacturers. Manufacturers primarily like this product because of its universality. Thanks to the glazed coating, we obtain a thermostable product of wide application ideal for use in baking. Chocolate pieces also have the ability not to soak and retain their shape when added to dairy products, for example, ice cream.


  • Ideal for adding to muesli;
  • In sweets, cakes, cakes;
  • For sweet baking as decorative ornaments;
  • For baking with whole pieces of chocolate;
  • As an additive to ice cream, quark and other dairy products

Depending on the application, we offer chocolate pieces in different sizes: 1-3 mm, 3-5 mm or 5-7 mm.

Shipment is carried out from 1 package (packing size is 20 kg).

Despite the demand for chocolate pieces, only a few companies produce and supply them to the Russian market. This is primarily due to the need to have special equipment and a method of processing chocolate. The company, Trade House Argol is one of the suppliers of such an ingredient.

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