Confectionery Decorations

Excellent confectionery decorations from natural chocolate and composite ingredients for an appetizing, attractive presentation of any confectionery and bakery products, desserts and ice cream.

Appearance often tells much more than just the taste and aroma. Trade House Argol offers a wide range of various decorative elements for confectioneries and bakeries.

For an ideal appearance it is often enough to just buy confectionery jewelry and turn a finished product into a real work of art.

Кондитерские украшения оптом

Chocolate Sprinkles

For any creative ideas: chips and drops, pieces of chocolate, shavings, mini-balls, cocoa powder and others.

Large chocolate shavings (30-50 mm) perfectly hold the shape and are ideal for decorating liquid desserts, drinks and ice cream. And a small exquisitely twisted shaving will give a festive appearance and extra volume.

Do you want to add color? Choose decorative sprinkles from colored chocolate based on natural cocoa or dairy and vegetable fats. Attractive bright sprinkling decorations are easy to use, guarantee an interesting "highlight" to the finished product and an amazing appearance

Glazed Puffed Rice and Corn

Unique crispy balls and granules, covered with a layer of delicious chocolate for decorating sweet and bakery products, ice cream, dairy products. Fresh amazing gustatory sensations from a contrasting combination of crunchy texture and tender chocolate.

Colored confectionery sprinkles and mini decorations of various shapes based on rice and corn flour with added sugar are ideal for cakes, muffins and other bakes. A bright color and an excellent visual result without artificial colorings, flavorings or hydrogenated fats.

Decorative Elements of Chocolate and Curly Decorations

Made from natural chocolate without artificial colorings or flavorings. Many of the presented confectionery decorative elements can also be used as flavorings, fillings and texturing ingredients.

Detailed information on the product range and reasonable prices for confectionery decorations for professional confectioners, producers and representatives of the food industry are available on request. Please fill in the form on the website or contact us by phone.

Shipment of confectionery decorations is carried out from 1 package (package size is 10 kg).

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