Food Additives and Ingredients

Пищевые добавки и ингредиенты

Trade House Argol is a reliable supplier of high-quality food additives and ingredients for various fields of the food industry. The key place in our assortment is taken by natural supplements designed to meet the needs of the market in healthy, wholesome and delicious food.

We offer to buy wholesale food additives from the tested foreign and Russian manufacturers. We have our own warehouses and offices in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Novosibirsk and work throughout Russia. Part of our products is constantly available in stock and ready for immediate shipment, which ensures timely delivery at an affordable competitive price.

We carry out deliveries for confectionery and bakery production, dairy production and production of ice-cream, baby and diet food, hot and cold drinks, semi-finished products, snacks and fast food. We strive to provide the best additives and ingredients for improving flavor, color, texture, and appearance of a product, maintaining freshness, increasing product yield and nutrient content. We are ready to recommend additives that allow our customers to improve their products and develop new ones, improving flavor and reducing costs.

The reasonable price is achieved due to saving of raw materials, electricity, transportation costs, a general increase in production efficiency, including ensuring stable quality and safety.

We gladly advise and help not only to buy food additives, but also effectively introduce them into production, in accordance with the specific requirements of our customers. We provide all necessary information on technological characteristics that can affect the final product. We work to expand opportunities and optimize production processes in any area of the food industry.